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Today: Nov 19, 2017
Laos , Thailand enhance environmental cooperation PDF Print E-mail
Written by ສົມອຸລາ ຍະພິຈິດ   
Friday, 21 July 2017 17:14

Laos and Thailand have reached an agreement pledging their commitment to enhance technical cooperation in the area of natural resources and the environment, between their two countries.

Yesterday in Vientiane aMemorandum of Understanding (MoU) with respect to this cooperation was signed yesterday by Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Laos Mr Sommad Pholsena and his counterpart from the Kingdom of Thailand General Surasak Karnjanarat.

Under the cooperation agreement that was signed, from 2017-2021 the two countries have agreed to cooperatively work together including areas such as pollution control, environmental promotion initiatives, water resources management, capacity building on climate change, and sustainable development, amongst a number of sectors in which future cooperation can be advanced.

The two ministries will transfer or exchange scientific and technical information, joint organisation symposia, seminars, workshops and training, study tours, staff exchanges, and joint projects to demonstrate environmental-management approaches and technologies. On the job training and cooperative research on subjects of mutual interest will continue to contribute to improving the quality of the environment and further strengthen the broader bilateral relationship.

In the important area of environmental pollution, both countries will start working cooperatively on pollution control, such as air and water pollution control, pollution from persistent organic pollutants and other toxic substances, soil pollution and pollution from hazardous and solid waste, and the implementation and enforcement of environmental law.

There are some areas in which more discussions are to be on-going in order to reach agreement on cooperation, including environmental promotion, partnerships on waste management and 3R (reduce, recycle, reuse). This will be done by development and implementation of a waste management and promotion of the 3R programme in schools, hotels, other institutions and then rolled out nationally in due time.

The issue of groundwater management is an important issue for both countries, especially in the area from Vientiane to Savannakhet province on the Lao side.

This cooperation will be done at both the management and technical levels institutionally so as to increase knowledge and understanding of groundwater in Laos, and address areas such as drilling experience, technical complications, and salt layer in the northeast of Thailand.

In addition, the two ministries agreed to enhanced capacity building on climate change and sustainable development, and continue the on-going cooperation in these areas. It was agreed that, on the practical level, to continue joint training together, joint workshops, shared seminars and other such shared programmes between the two nations.

Both sides noted that cooperation activities have contributed to enhanced environmental quality and strengthened the broader bilateral relationship. Both sides decided to establish the mechanism of convening yearly consultations to follow up the Lao-Thai Cooperation. Each side will designate a contact point for the purpose of implementing the Action Plan.

It was accepted that successful activities had been facilitated through contact points, regular consultation meetings and the existing high quality working relationship between the two countries.

The signing ceremony was attended by senior officials from the two ministries and other invited guests.

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