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Today: ຕ. ລ. 18, 2017
Korea donates computers to Lao ministry PDF ພິມ ອີເມລ
ຂຽນໂດຍ ນ. ດາລາວັນ ຫລວງໂຄດ   
ວັນຈັນທີ່ 17 ກັນຍາ 2012 ເວລາ 09: 59


(Vientiane Times) Indoko Company on Thursday donated 20 sets of computers worth US$10,000 to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to mark the success of the recent International Expo held in the Republic of Korea.

The Expo ran from May 12 to August 12 and featured products from 104 countries.

The Lao booths were supported by Indoko Company with US$50,000 and displayed products including handicrafts, wood carvings, tea and coffee as well as brochures and posters featuring Laos. Over 10,000 Koreans and foreigners visited the booths.

The Expo allowed visitors to experience Lao culture and products for the three months of its duration.

Director General of the Environment Quality Promotion Department, Mr Khampadith Khammounheuang, reported on the success of the Expo. He and his staff appreciated the assistance of the Korean government and companies that organised the event.

This exhibition has increased Laos' presence in the international community and provided a window into Lao culture and tourism.

Speaking at the donation ceremony, President of Indoko Company Lao office Mr Hab Kyu Suk thanked the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and everyone else who made the Expo a success.

The gift of computers will be highly useful to the ministry and will enhance cooperation between Laos and Korea in the arenas of both government and business.

Indoko Company has run an impo rt-export business in Laos since 2008. It has imported Korean goods such as food, clothing, and household items and exported various Lao goods to Korea. In the future the company will encourage the growth of corn for export to Korea.